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Owner experience: Scott Whitaker

Located 70 miles west off Key West in the Gulf of Mexico Fort Jefferson was built in the mid-1800’s using over 16 million bricks. Years of harsh weather took its toll and restoration was needed. Work included the identification and remanufacture of original materials including cement, brick, cast iron and lead concrete, the design and installation of a cast iron Totten shutter and the re-pointing of 30 feet of façade from moat water line to parapet using natural cement.

This project outlines owner experience in the assessment and treatment of nineteenth century stone structures and buildings, to include knowledge and proficiency in historic masonry conservation (cleaning, mortar analysis and composition, repointing techniques, redressing, carving, preparation of drawings and specifications); and shall possess knowledge and experience with minimally invasive, investigative historic materials techniques consistent with Infrared Imaging, eco-stress wave, ultrasonic, and resistograph (SINT) testing.

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