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  • Building Envelope Surveys

    The building survey uncovers deficiencies and weakness’ in a building’s exterior. Our professionals conduct investigations utilizing equipment that will identify and quantify the problems with any building envelope assembly. Our staff uses infrared imaging, material analysis water spray tests and destructive investigation tools to conclusively uncover problems.

  • Conditions Assessment Reports

    Our specialized staff uses the data derived in the building envelope survey to write a report that outlines the condition of the building assembly that was surveyed.

  • Building Envelope Consulting

    The LeMessurier consulting staff provides building envelope repair and maintenance advice to building managers, building owners, architectural & engineer firms and construction professionals. We deliver our technical advice in the form of written reports, surveys, and architectural sketches.

  • Remedial Repair Design Documents

    LeMessurier creates repair drawings and specifications that define the scope of building envelope repair. Our design department uses the data derived in the building survey to create repair documents that effectively address the deficiencies in the building envelope resulting in long lasting repairs.

  • Construction Administration and Construction Management

    LeMessurier provides its clients with all levels of field management to oversee the successful implementation of our specifications and details. These services include Construction Administration, Construction Management, and Project Inspections.

  • Rylum Water Absorption Testing

    This method tests masonry absorbency to diagnose rate of rain penetration.

  • ASTM Testing Methods for Field Determination of Water Penetration of Masonry Wall Surfaces

    This equipment tests the resistance of rain and snow to exterior windows, skylights, and doors.

  • Thermal Imagery Scanning

    Thermal Imagery will identify areas of thermal loss within wall and roof assemblies. It will also indicate the presence of thermal bridging in structural elements and the presence of air leaks.

  • Drone Visual Inspection

    Used for building envelope surveys. This provides up close images without the need of an aerial man lift.

  • Moisture Meter Monitoring

    Used to measure material moisture content.

  • Forensic Investigation

    LeMessurier uses destructive techniques to uncover forensic evidence. This type of investigation uncovers critical data that leads to the cause of an envelope deficiency.

  • Data Logger Monitoring

    Used to measure and track building temperature, humidity, and dew point over an extended period.

  • Building Performance Computer Software Assessment

    Used to determine a wall assembly’s R-Value, point of condensation and psychrometric properties. This program is also used to measure Stack Effect and to compute air leakage.

  • Mortar Testing and Analysis

    Used to accurately determine mortar properties. This test is critical to establish a correct mortar recipe.

  • EnveScan Survey

    Your 1st line of defense against surprise maintenance costs.

    EnveScan is a results focused, scientific approach to understand and manage building envelopes that underperform.

    Using the latest in building evaluation equipment such as infrared imagers and wall penetrating radar to record data from the building.

    Once the information is recorded and documented, our team of experts examines the data and diagnoses the cause of the envelope deficiencies.

    The product is a “maintenance scheduler” that provides our clients a planning document to address the deficiencies in a strategic manner.

  • Peer Review Services

    LeMessurier offers peer review services to architectural clients during the design phase.

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