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Scott R. Whitaker

Vice President | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1001

Scott R. Whitaker has specialized in understanding the performance of building envelopes as complete systems 40 years. He has built his reputation as a leading building envelope consultant working with and guiding tradesman, facility managers, engineers, architects, and owners through the stages of analyzing, understanding, repairing and maintaining building envelopes of all types. He specializes in masonry facades and roofing systems. His experience has gained him the reputation for solving complicated design flaws or installation problems. Additional experience includes the application of specialized engineered masonry products, building assessments, forensic investigations, dimensional stone detailing and anchor design, cost estimating, project management, product development, and professional service sales. Prior to starting Building Envelope Specialists, he gained experience in the architectural design field as VP of Masonry Operations for a local architectural company, designer and estimator in the structural steel industry, and a chief draftsman in the miscellaneous metals industry. With this experience, he has authored guidelines and procedures for the refurbishing and maintenance of masonry buildings. Scott has consulted on projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean. He has provided expert testimony and litigation support services on various buildings. He has been featured in the March 2002 issue of Stone Magazine and in the November 2014 issue of Facilities Magazine. Scott was recognized by a past United States President for consulting excellence..

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Stephen D. Jones

Associate Principal | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1002

Stevephen D. JonesSteve fills the roles of both Head of Marketing/Business Development and Project Executive. Steve has been a critical part of helping Building Envelope Specialists, grow within new markets. He assists in the day to day management of the firm, oversees revenue generation, and sets goals and objectives that guide the firm’s growth. Steve analyzes market needs and adapts the company’s marketing message to highlight client return on investment. His efforts have resulted in 251% sales and revenue growth since BES’s inception in 2012. As Project Executive, Steve is responsible for the delivery of services to the end client and for ensuring that the client’s needs are met as defined in each contract. Steve is skilled in project management and building envelope assessments. He received an accreditation for Commissioning Authority & Building Enclosure Knowledge Requirements from the University of Wisconsin. Additionally, Steve has working knowledge of abatement processes and has a particularly robust understanding of the EPA requirements of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) abatement planning. Steve’s strengths include a demonstrated ability to set clear expectations while preserving tight control over construction budgets with the capacity to lead multi-disciplined construction teams. Prior to joining BES, Steve spent 20 years in sales and marketing in other industries.

Notably, Steve served in the US Army and Army National Guard. CPT Jones spent 4 years in the US Army and 7 years in the Army National Guard as a Field Artillery Officer. He held field and staff leadership positions.

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Timothy S. Dean PE

Associate | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1004

With over 40 years in the Structural Engineering profession, Tim’s extensive experience is instrumental in conducting forensic investigations and condition surveys including remediation solutions for structural and building enclosure systems. He works on all phases of projects from conceptual design through project closeout. As a construction manager for building envelope restoration projects, he is responsible for coordinating and managing the roofing, masonry, and window contractors. Construction administration services include, site inspections, answering RFI’s, submittal review, change orders and payment requisitions. Additionally, Tim provides structural design, assessment peer review, special inspections, and technical legal review. Tim’s projects at BES have included churches, hotels, municipal buildings, industrial, educational, residential, parking structures, castles and more.

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Phillip Gotts

Associate | (207) 400-0086 ext. 1005

Phillip is a project leader with a broad range of architectural experience earned during his more than 30 years in   the profession. Phillip has been involved in all aspects of bringing a design concept to reality. Project types include Retail, Hospitality, Academic, Commercial, Institutional, High-end Residential, Historic Preservation, Healthcare, and Industrial Facilities. From design concept to construction administration, Phillip’s approach is one that meets the client’s vision, is sustainable, efficient, on time, and within the client’s budget. Phillip is a creative problem solver with a thorough understanding of building systems, and construction methods and materials.

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Chara V. Gannett

Associate | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1003

Chara Gannett has worked in the finance industry for over 10 years. Chara is responsible for maximizing financial return by establishing financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems. She oversees cost and general accounting, accounts receivable/collection, payroll and risk management. Chara works to direct, plan, develop, organize, implement, and evaluate the organization’s fiscal function and performance. She oversees all financial results, profitability, capital expenditures and tax planning, ensuring compliance with all federal, state, local, payroll, and property taxes. She works to manage internal IT and works closely with outside vendors. She is an effective and respected senior leader of the organization. She exhibits effective leadership and management skills and is a champion of core company values. She provides timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial reports and financial trends in order to assist the CEO/President and other senior executives in performing their responsibilities.

Chara graduated with honors earning her BBA in Finance and Economics from the University of Southern Maine. She received a scholarship to attend the state university after being awarded as a ‘Maine Youth Who Inspires’.

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Greg Norton

Envelope Consultant

Greg NortonGreg Norton has been working in Architecture and Engineering for 12 years on projects within the Institutional, Federal, Municipal, Residential and Historic Preservation realms. Responsibilities have included programming, conceptual design, cost estimating, specification writing, construction documentation, construction administration, R&D and quality control. He has also provided graphic design for previous companies which has included identity branding, standardization of graphics, templates for documentation and website management.

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Raymond Hamlin

Envelope Consultant

Raymond HamlinMr. Hamlin has worked as an architectural designer since 1999. His drafting experience includes positions with architectural firms, contracted services firms and retail companies. At Building Envelope Specialists, Ray utilizes his vast drafting experience to produce repair drawings utilizing AutoCAD Designer for measuring, recording, and developing comprehensive existing conditions drawings while adhering to current AIA and National CAD Standards. Additionally, Ray is responsible for developing and Maintaining BES’s detail library. The library is an ongoing collection of proscribed restoration and repair strategies accompanied with its proprietary product and material specifications. Beyond that, Ray has experience creating renovation, permitting, and working drawings for homeowners, builders, architects, and property owners. Ray has vast experience in presentation drawings, planning board presentations, code research, code review, submittals, shop drawings, site inspections, punch lists, and project meetings. Ray has been an assistant job captain on large scale design team projects in order to maintain timelines, budgets, review shop drawings, submittals, developing CSK’s, and many other project administration duties. Ray has an eye for detail and has honed his observational and investigative skills. He often notices problems and discrepancies that are easily overlooked.

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Ron Goodwin RA, LEED AP

Architect | (207) 400-0086

Ron Goodwin has over 30 years of architectural office experience working from the conceptual phase through the completion of the building construction. Projects range from residential, commercial, institutional, healthcare, and historic preservation. He has as commitment to a high standard of aesthetics, building performance and energy efficiency.

Most of Ron’s experience has been at the drawing board. As a draftsman, Ron approaches the preparation of building plans as craftmanship. Drawings and details are assembled to address every situation with clarity; to inform the building trades of all the information needed to execute the intent of the design.

Ron is always eager to evaluate each project for maximum performance in its unique climate. He is very Interested in the existing floor, wall and roof systems along with the site, or ‘how things were built’. Each project is approached with optimism. Ron believes that with the technology of today, there are extensive materials and methods to solve problems, exceed standards and strive for the highest performance within the cost-budget analysis.

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