Scott R. Whitaker

President and CEO | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1001

Mr. Whitaker has specialized in understanding the performance of building envelopes as complete systems 38 years.

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Stephen D. Jones

Senior Vice President | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1002

As project executive, Steve has effectively managed complex building envelope restoration and repair construction.

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Chara V. Gannett

Finance & Marketing Director | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1003

Chara’s role at BES as the Finance and Marketing Director is an essential key to the growth, organization, and data management of the company.

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Ron E. Goodwin

Architect | (207) 400-0086

Ron Goodwin is a registered architect with over 30 years experience. Ron provides excellence in all architectural services including, design, drafting, construction administration, model building and more. Ron is also an expert in historic preservation and building energy efficiency.

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Phillip Gotts

Architectural Designer | (207) 400-0086 ext. 1005

With over 30 years in the architecture profession, Phillip has been involved in all aspects of seeing a building or space transform from concept to built form. From conceptual design, preparation and coordination of construction documents, model building, to construction supervision and administration. From residential, retail, or commercial, all projects require a specific level of detail, attention and approach in order to meet the client’s vision, adhere to code, be sustainable, efficient, and most importantly- get it right.

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Timothy S. Dean

Structural Engineer | (207) 400-0086 Ext. 1004

With over 40 years in the Structural Engineering profession, Tim is experienced in railroad structures, power generation, sanitary structures and buildings utilizing steel, concrete, masonry, wood, and cold formed structural framing to design foundations, superstructures, and lateral bracing systems.

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