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Boston Architectural & Union Institute
Course work towards: Bachelor of Architecture

Spring Garden Engineering College
Associate of Engineering


  • Understanding Portland Brownstone.
  • Masonry: Learn to do it right. University of Wisconsin.
  • Building Envelopes and Clean Air. Maine Air Quality.
  • Conservation of Structures and Older Buildings.
  • Post Disaster Safety Assessment for Buildings

Core Expertise

  • Envelope Assemblies
  • Masonry Consulting
  • Building Assessments
  • Assessment Reports
  • Project Management

Noted Speaker

  • 2011: Cellular Foam Grout-New Hampshire Board of Engineers.
  • 2012: Masonry Restoration and Your Campus – NNECARAPPA Conference.
  • 2013: Masonry Restoration and Your Campus – Maine Hospitals Conference.
  • 2014: The ABC’s of navigating Historic Masonry Building Restoration using Historic Tax Credits. – MEREDA
  • 2016: Historic Masonry Reborn- MEREDA

Scott R. Whitaker has specialized in understanding the performance of building envelopes as complete systems 40 years. He has built his reputation as a leading building envelope consultant working with and guiding tradesman, facility managers, engineers, architects, and owners through the stages of analyzing, understanding, repairing and maintaining building envelopes of all types. He specializes in masonry facades and roofing systems.  His experience has gained him the reputation for solving complicated design flaws or installation problems. Additional experience includes the application of specialized engineered masonry products, building assessments, forensic investigations, dimensional stone detailing and anchor design, cost estimating, project management, product development, and professional service sales. Prior to starting LeMessurier, he gained experience in the architectural design field as VP of Masonry Operations for a local architectural company, designer and estimator in the structural steel industry, and a chief draftsman in the miscellaneous metals industry. With this experience, he has authored guidelines and procedures for the refurbishing and maintenance of masonry buildings. Scott has consulted on projects throughout the United States and the Caribbean. He has provided expert testimony and litigation support services on various buildings. He has been featured in the March 2002 issue of Stone Magazine and in the November 2014 issue of Facilities Magazine. Scott was recognized by a past United States President for consulting excellence.

Professional Experience

President & CEO – 2012 -Current

Project Experience

Historic & Masonry

  • The Turrets (Circa 1880’s), ME
  • Eastport P.O. (Circa 1880’s), ME
  • Mount Desert Rock (Circa 1840)
  • Lincoln Mill, (Circa 1820), ME
  • Wood island Light (Circa 1800),
  • Poland Spring Preserve (1903)
  • Fogg Memorial Building (1894),
  • Richmond Canal System (1830)
  • Rockefeller Building (circa 1932)
  • Mill No.7, (Circa 1820), NH


  • Christ Church (1880), MA
  • State Street Church (1870), ME
  • St. Ann’s Episcopal ( 1880)
  • St. Peters, ME
  • The Cathedral of St. Luke (1866)
  • Sacred Heart Church, NH
  • Phillips Church (Circa 1885), NH
  • Rollins Chapel (Circa 1884), NH
  • Moody Chapel (Circa 1884), ME
  • St. Thomas Church , ME

Fire Stations / Banks / Post Offices

  • Bar Harbor Fire Station, (1930)
  • Lewiston Fire Station, ME
  • Skowhegan Fire Station, (1930)
  • Waterville Fire Station, ME
  • Bar Harbor Bank & Trust (1920)
  • Rutland Post Office -VT
  • Belfast Post Office -ME
  • Beverly Post Office – MA
  • Fairfield Post Office -ME
  • Waterville Post Office -ME

Municipal / Schools

  • Powers Hall (1929), ME
  • Phillips Hall (1923), NH
  • Wheelwright Hall (1928) NH
  • Academy Building (1855), ME
  • Samuel Phillips Clock Tower, MA
  • U.S. Capitol Building Plaza, D.C.
  • Maine State Capitol Building, TX
  • Lake County Court House, IN
  • Charles Moody (1928), ME
  • Knox County Court House (1874)

Federal Work Disciplines

Code Description Code Description
02 Administrative 15 Construction Inspector
16 Construction Manager 18 Cost Engineer/Estimator
26 Forensic Engineer 48 Project Manager
61 Value Engineer
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