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B291 is the most-sensitive nuclear facility at PNSY. CCI’s 4-year Design-Bid-Build project included (among many other aspects) complete replacement of the building envelope in three phases. Due to the nature of the building operations, NO amount of water intrusion is acceptable at any time at B291. Achieving that goal required extraordinarily high levels of design effectiveness and workmanship, complicated by the building being maintained under continuous negative air pressure as a feature of its nuclear operations.

Subsequent to a rainstorm on 11 March 2019, some water was discovered inside the building. CCI immediately engaged LeMessurier to:

  • Determine the source/path of the water
  • Review building design details for adequacy and recommend improvements
  • Inspect workmanship of construction to date.

The LeMessurier investigation almost immediately found the water intrusion to be the result of a 1” drain that was capped but not sealed. Continuing their evaluation, LeMessurier recommended modifications to the complex design detail for stack joints (subsequently implemented). Workmanship issues identified by LeMessurier’s extremely detailed look resulted in corrections to a potentially problematic roof seam, and to drip edge enclosures.

CCI completed all project work in mid-September of 2019. It is most noteworthy that since the changes recommended by LeMessurier were implemented there have been NO water intrusion incidents at B291. NAVFAC and PNSY staff have been delighted by this outcome, and CCI expects an outstanding evaluation on the project.

As Program Manager for all of CCI’s work with NAVFAC PWD Maine, I most highly recommend LeMessurier for any technical building envelope project. Their on-site evaluations were responsive and thorough, and their immediate recommendations clearly communicated. LeMessurier also provided a thoughtful and very thorough final report of their work and findings. The LeMessurier team of Greg Norton and Phillip Gotts, directed by Stephen Jones, were just great throughout. CCI is actively seeking further opportunities to work with these pros.

Very respectfully,

Ralph Dean

Senior Programing Manager, CCI Alliance of Companies

“The University of Maine System would like to thank LeMessurier for your firms efforts in the design of the building masonry repairs that were made to UMM’s Powers Hall. Your efforts have been instrumental in restoring Powers Hall, and in the University of Maine at Machias’ receipt of the recent Maine Preservation Project Award.”

Chip Gavin - Facilities Manager

Powers Hall, University of Maine System

“The craftsmanship and professionalism of you and the crew were simply, amazing. Your willingness to work with all of the people and personalities and pay attention to the slightest of details was inspirational, and your positive attitude and care were as impressive as the end-product itself.”

Benjamin A. Shambaugh - D. Min., Dean

St. Luke's Cathedral, St. Luke's

“…What sets LeMessurier apart from most of the others is that their pre-bid process is extremely thorough by doing investigation to determine the extent of the restoration scope, so that there are rarely any unforeseen situations….Jobs run smoothly when LeMessurier is chosen to do the project management.”

Gary Gnazzo - President

Joseph Gnazzo Company Inc.

“When it comes to envelope issues, Scott Whitaker is the go-to guy.  I have worked with Scott on several historic restorations of old masonry buildings.  It takes years of experience to really understand the complex characteristics of uninsulated multi-wythe brick or granite construction, such as moisture penetration, breathability, and freeze-thaw changes when renovating and insulating these old buildings for modern-day users.  Scott has helped us navigate this minefield and achieve outstanding results every time.”

Steve Pedersen

AIA, LEED AP Architect, WBRC Architects

“LeMessurier does what we would call “Legacy Work” like no one else. They restored the structural integrity of our 150 year-old building using the same materials and in the same traditions of craftsmanship as the original builders.  We inherited a beautiful building and we are passing it on intact to future generations, thanks to LeMessurier”

George Cooper, Senior Warden Sam Allen, Junior Warden

St. Luke's Cathedral Portland, Maine

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